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BIOVET S.A. LABORATORIESFOUNDATIONBIOVET S.A LABORATORIES was founded in 1984 in Tarragona (Spain) by a group of veterinarians and chemists with a great experience in clinical practice and in the production of drugs, premixes and vaccines.DISTRIBUTORSIn the Spanish market we are represented by more than 30 distributors, who are in direct contact with farmers and stocks.BIOVET S.A LABORATORIES also collaborates with specialized companies in different geographical areas: Central and South America, Middle East, South-East Asia, Europe and Africa.WE ARE LOOKING FOR DISTRIBUTORS IN ASIA, AFRICA, EUROPE AND SOUTH AMERICA. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in distributing our products.International and national distributors collaborate in the marketing of products as well as in R&D projects.ANALYTIC SERVICES AND FEED FORMULATIONWe offer our costumers analytical laboratory services. We perform microbiological, parasitic, serological and chemical (mycotoxins) analysis with animal and food samples. Using advanced programmes we act as consultants for our costumers in breeding and ideal ration at the lowest cost, providing advise in all nutritional aspects.BIOVET SYMPOSIUMEvery year BIOVET S.A. LABORATORIES organizes The International Symposium Biovet in which monographic themes are presented. It helps to update pathology, diagnosis, pharmacology, physiology, reproduction, management and nutrition subjects. The International Symposium Biovet 2007 will take place from 2 till 4 October in Tarragona, Spain. CATALOGUEWe have an extensive catalogue composed of specialties intended for poultry, pig and cattle farming as well as premixes for animal nutrition.PREMIXESWith the guarantee of the trade marks ALQUERFEED, ALQUERMOLD, ALQUERPLUS, ALQUERFLAV and ALQUERMIX, in our catalogue you can find preservatives, antioxidants, probiotics, enzymes, acidifiers, mycotoxin-binders, flavours, vitamins, amino acids and minerals.The ALQUERNAT line is composed of growth promoters, anti-coccidials, liver protectors and fertility improvers all of natural origin: the alternative to synthetic drugs.Please feel free to contact us. Our technicians will be more than pleased to provide you with more information, technical leaflets, samples, etc.


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Developer, Exporter, Importer, Manufacturer, Trader

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Animal Feed: Animal Feed
Chemicals: Acenaphthene
Feed Additives: Concentrates, Growth Promoters, Immune Stimulants, Mould Inhibitors, Nutricional Liquid Additives, Probiotics, Toxin Binders, Vitamin Premixes
Pharmaceutical Products: Zonisamide
Veterinary Products: Veterinary Products
Laboratory Services: Laboratory Services
Consulting: Animal Feed Consulting
Research: Animal Feed Research


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